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White Sheet
White Sheet

Development Strategy for Businesses and Non Profits to Thrive

Have confidence you can reach your goals with the help of an expert strategist. 

Plan Wisely

Stay Focused

See Growth

Many leaders struggle to maintain growth-focused work

We realize running a business or non-profit means you're responsible for many things. When you are spread thin, growth strategies are difficult to implement. If you are not meeting expectations; or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, we want to bring some relief. 

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Together, we can ensure you're on the right path


Scaling a small business requires planning, preparation, and implementation. Often, owners implement without proper planning and preparation, creating frustration and overwhelming the team. Prior to implementing we ask and answer questions such as:

  • What impact?

  • What timing?

  • What strategy?

  • What resources?

  • How do I get it done? 


If you are ready to focus on tasks that get results, call Crystal Clear and let us guide you toward your goal. 

Board development, fund development, human resources, and community impact. All necessary activities for a thriving non-profit. If any one of these is lacking, the organization struggles to meet its mandate.

  • How do you motivate and empower volunteers?

  • When is it time to bring on new staff?

  • What happens when the Board Chair doesn't fundraise?

  • Where does your organization drop the ball?

  • Who said you have to do what you've always done?


If your team has questions like this, it's time to call Crystal Clear. We help nonprofits maximize resources, leverage relationships, and exceed goals. 


Grow your company's
bottom line. 
Get focused on the
tasks that get results.
Impact more people
with your mission. 

LaShawnda H.
LIFE Ministries

Prior to working with Crystal, I had no knowledge of filing for a 501c3, setting up a Board, or what my next move should be in establishing my ministry. Crystal took the time to walk me through the process. She even met with the Board to educate us on what the expectations would be. I am grateful for the opportunity to cross paths with Crystal. I look forward to continuing to work with her.  

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Greg D.
Thrivent Financial

I hired Crystal to put a market analysis together for my business to see how I could better target ideal clients in my area. I couldn't be happier. The report she provided was comprehensive, yet concise. It really allowed me to hone in and concentrate on my target audience. Not only does Crystal do great work, but her energy is infectious! I highly recommend. 

How it Works

1. We develop and refine your strategy.
2. We offer implementation and guidance.
3. You achieve the growth you want!

Why work with Crystal?

When leaders take on too much themselves or have a faulty strategy, the organization and the team can suffer in many ways. By refining your growth plan we can ensure you're headed in the right direction. 

The goal for my clients is to be sustainable with their business practices. I help them achieve this with guidance and teaching, building their teams to become efficient and effective in their roles. 

Schedule a call today so you can avoid wasting energy. Instead, have confidence in your growth plan and see your organization impact more people. 

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Every organization should have the support needed to grow at its pace.

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